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Brian Balli, President CryoFit Americas, opened his first CryoFit in Austin, Texas. Three months later, Jeff Reeh, CEO of CryoFit Americas, opened the second CryoFit in San Antonio, Texas.

At CryoFit, our unwavering passion for health and wellness is the driving force behind our exceptional success. We have created a business model that not only accelerates profitability but also propels our franchisees toward success. With our proven and repeatable business model, you can achieve financial success faster than ever before. Join us on this journey towards a thriving and prosperous future in the world of health and wellness.

We are dedicated to reducing pain and improving overall health and wellness one person at a time. CryoFit isn’t just a brand… It’s a LIFESTYLE!


Franchised concept. Sold our first 2 franchises. Our franchisees are passionate about health and wellness and have a desire to help others feel their best.


Between 2017 and 2021 CryoFit took 3 of the 5 existing franchisees and underwent extensive profit-focused operational strategy to optimize each location’s bottom-line while providing future franchisees with the toolset to grow their stakes in the business.


2024 marks a decade of leading and building this industry. And It’s time for the next chapter in recovery & wellness.  So in January of 2024, we are so excited to announce that CryoFit is evolving to become bioworX: Essentials for Life. We’ve expanded beyond cryotherapy in the last decade to embrace all aspects of human biology.  While CryoFit will remain part of our brand image, we have evolved into much more than just a cryotherapy provider.  We address total body wellness. BioworX, will be dedicated to helping people make their body work for them, now and for a lifetime. We’re here to assist our clients in reaching their goals, unlocking their full potential, and leading a healthy, fulfilling life.

With an impressive network of 16 thriving locations, several more in the pipeline, and an unwavering commitment to health and wellness, we are actively seeking franchisees who share our passion. At bioworX, we pride ourselves on being experts in the fields of recovery and wellness, equipped with the essential business acumen to empower our franchisees for success.

When you join our franchise family, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. We go above and beyond to support our franchisees at every stage of their journey, from meticulously selecting the perfect site location to orchestrating a remarkable grand opening. Our guidance doesn’t stop there – we provide continuous assistance with all the intricate details that lie between, ensuring that you have the tools and support needed to build and sustain a thriving venture. Together, we can create a lasting impact on the health and wellness of our communities.

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