Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy (also known as Photobiomodulation Therapy) uses low red light and infrared wavelengths to help improve your skin’s appearance, relieve minor pain and swelling, boost your energy levels and balance your mood.

What is it?

How Red Light Therapy Works

Unlock the transformative power of red light therapy, an innovative treatment that is revolutionizing the way we address various signs of aging. This cutting-edge therapy has shown remarkable potential in reducing wrinkles, redness, acne, scars, and more. By harnessing the rejuvenating properties of low levels of red or near-infrared light, it stimulates your cells, igniting a cascade of healing and revitalization within.

At the core of red light therapy lies its ability to energize your body at a cellular level. The low-wavelength red light emitted during the treatment gets readily absorbed by the mitochondria, the powerhouses of your cells. These mitochondria play a pivotal role in numerous vital processes that impact your overall health, healing capabilities, and energy production. By empowering your mitochondria with the healing energy of red light, we unlock your body’s innate potential to heal and thrive.

Discover the science-backed wonders of red light therapy and embark on a transformative journey towards a more youthful and vibrant you. Experience the incredible power of this emerging treatment as it redefines the boundaries of what’s possible in skincare and overall well-being.

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Why do I need it?

Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Experience the remarkable benefits of Red Light Therapy, a natural and effective solution for rejuvenation, stress relief, and healing. By incorporating just 3 to 5 sessions per week, each lasting a mere 10 minutes, you can unlock the full potential of this groundbreaking therapy.

Indulge in the restorative power of Red Light Therapy and discover a myriad of advantages that will enhance your well-being. From optimizing your sleep patterns to providing minor pain relief, this therapy has the ability to improve blood flow, enhance mental acuity, and accelerate your body’s recovery process. With its healing properties, Red Light Therapy promotes natural regeneration, allowing you to achieve peak performance and unlock your true potential.

Experience the revitalizing effects of this natural and non-invasive treatment. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your overall performance, unleash your body’s innate healing abilities, and embark on a journey towards optimal health and well-being.

More Benefits of Red Light Therapy in Skin Health:


Stimulates collagen production, which gives skin its structure, strength and elasticity.


Increases blood circulation to the tissue.


Reduces inflammation in cells.


Increases fibroblast production, which makes collagen. Collagen is a component of connective tissue that builds skin.

Red Light Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions

How often can I do Red Light Therapy?

Red Light Therapy is recommended to be done three to five times a week for best resultsThe number of sessions per week may vary depending on your needs and what you are trying to achieve. 

How long is a Red Light Therapy session?

Red Light Therapy session only take 10 minutes. You stand between 2 red light panels so your entire body absorbs the light.

Does Red Light Therapy help with skin issues?

Red Light Therapy stimulates cellular energy that encourages the skin to renew and heal. This helps improve the skin’s look, feel, and texture. It enables the skin to recover from injury while providing anti-aging benefits for the skin. This light improves levels of collagen and elastin. These are partly responsible for youthful-looking skin.

Is Red Light Therapy safe?

Red Light Therapy is safe and painless. It generates a minimal amount of heatAlthough the red lights may be bright, it is perfectly fine to use the service without eyewear unless desired for comfort.

Does Red Light Therapy help with oxidative stress?

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and the body’s ability to detoxify them. One of the ways that Red Light Therapy helps to reduce oxidative stress is by stimulating the production of antioxidants in the body that can neutralize ROS and prevent them from causing damage to cells.

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