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High Performance IV Therapy

Our High Performance IV Therapy offers a full spectrum of vitamins, amino acids,  essential minerals, and hydration options for clients looking to optimize their health and maximize immediate absorption into the bloodstream for fast results.

Our IV vitamin drips are meticulously crafted using only the most premium vitamins sourced from FDA-approved pharmacies. We take great pride in ensuring that our drips are free from any artificial coloring or additives, guaranteeing you a pure and natural experience.

What sets us apart is our commitment to personalization. Unlike pre-made drips, we take the time to custom mix your IV drip specifically tailored to your individual needs. When you visit us, our skilled team will carefully craft a unique blend just for you, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits and optimal results.

Come and see for yourself why our IV vitamin Drips are second to none!

Increased Energy

Maximize Hydration

Immune Support

Hangover & Jetlag Recovery

NAD+ Infusion Therapy

Optimize Your Health

NAD+ Therapy solutions help CryoFit clients maintain proper cellular function, regulate biological pathways and protect cells from age related decline.

Improve Mental Clarity & Cognition

Improve Natural Energy Levels

Boost Neuro Regeneration

Improve Physical Performance

Experience the CryoFit Difference

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole body cryotherapy is a short 3 minute session where we expose the outer layers of the skin to extremely temperatures in order to relieve pain and inflammation in the body. Give us 3 minutes, we will make you feel better.


Reduce Pain & Inflammation

Increase Energy & Metabolism

Recover Sore Muscles Faster

Burn Calories, Improve Sleep & More!

Our Services

Many Services. Personalized for you.

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Relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and feel better in only 180 seconds.

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IV Drip Therapy

Need Energy? Hungover? Competition tomorrow? Choose from our menu or make a custom IV to best suit your needs.


NAD+ IV Infusion

The most prevalent anti-aging supplement of the next decade. Boost your health and wellness. 

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Injectable Vitamins

Deliver performance with custom vitamin combinations proven to help you look and feel your best.

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Infrared Sauna

Full-spectrum infrared sauna delivers custom therapy and detoxification for your whole body.

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Compression Therapy

Increase bloodflow and increase recovery. Boost your recovery and reduce soreness after physically taxing training.

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Why Choose Us

Customized Wellness For Each Client

Your wellness is our passion. We take the time to know your background and wellness goals.  

CryoFit will work with you to develop a customized personal protocol of wellness for you to achieve the results you are looking for.  Why wait, we are here to make you feel better.


What People Are Saying

“I love this place. I suffer from neck and back pain so of course I have tried it all such as chiropractor, massages, pain meds, and to no avail nothing has helped until I got introduced to Cryofit. I swear by this now and go as often as I can. Not to mention the staff is friendly and inviting.”

Daniel C
Client, San Antonio – Leon Springs

“Fantastic place! I have been waiting for cryotherapy to finally make it to Milwaukee. Cryofit is a clean, professional space with high end equipment. Having been tough on my body my whole life, the treatments are helping me recover. I am noticing improvement in pain, inflammation, and mobility.”

Robert S.
Client, Milwaukee – New Berlin

“I began my experience with CryoFit Alamo Heights three weeks ago and I absolutely love it! I enjoy the infrared sauna and I already see and feel the benefits. The staff have been wonderful to me.”

Pamela H.
Client, San Antonio – Alamo Heights

My son comes here for recovery. He has had someone different each time and all have been the same which is A plus customer service. From the very first session we have felt welcomed and wanting to come back. I would recommend Cryofit Alon to any athlete or basically anyone

James H.
Client, San Antonio – Alon

I LOVE CryoFit!!!!
It gives me energy before I workout and helps me recover after a hard workout. I use to have a hard time falling asleep now I sleep like a baby. I love what CryoFit has done for my body on the inside and the out. I feel amazing every time I CryoFit. It burns 500 calories in 3 min just can’t beat that!!!!! If you have not tried CryoFit I suggest you give it a try to feel your very best!!

Ginger B.
Client, Boerne

This place is freaking amazing!!!!Having so many musculoskeletal problems and not being able to take pain medications I have searched high and low for relief. Cryo fit has become my number one stop for reduction of inflammation in my joints and muscles. The compression therapy and freezing are where it is at!

Jayme S.
Client, San Antonio – Leon Springs

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