Whole Body Cryotherapy

A quick 3-minute session where the skin is exposed to cold temperatures in order to boost mood, energy & metabolism and reduce pain & inflammation in the body.

Infrared Therapy

Full-Spectrum Infrared Therapy is a 15-45 minute session where the skin is exposed to far, near, and mid infrared waves to promote healing, skin rejuvenation & weight loss and reduce stress & inflammation.

IV Therapy

IV Drips directly deliver essential nutrients to the body for maximal absorption. Select an IV from our menu or get a custom “cocktail” tailored to your needs.

Injectable Vitamin Therapy

An intramuscular injection that delivers vitamins/amino acids/minerals to the muscle tissue to promote efficient absorption of vital nutrients.

Compression Therapy

Increases blood circulation through the sequence of applying compression to help clear metabolic waste build-up and restore the natural delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the muscle.

Restructured Alkaline Ionized Water

Water cleaned through electrolysis without stripping essential minerals. Properties of the water include a negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) to prevent aging and disease, micro-clustering for optimal hydration, and a pH range from 2.5-11.5.

  • …I feel really good! I’ve had shin splints for 9 weeks and couldn’t even press the gas pedal in my car. I’ve tried everything, but after my third session here it doesn’t hurt at all…
  • …I noticed immediately after the first and second session I am sleeping a lot better. That is definitely a bonus! I came here for my originally for my elbow and it feels great. I highly recommend it…
  • …I have been amazed at the relief I have been feeling…my rheumatoid arthritis causes constant pain but now I can wake up and actually be in a good mood and feel good! It really does make my day…
    Melissa Brown
  • I have found that it’s performance enhancing, I have had great runs after sessions…
  • I love going to Cryofit. I exercise regularly and this is a great energy boost. I feel incredible after leaving each time. The staff is super nice too!
    Anna Ahlfors
  • I am a very active person and do not have time to be down and out with muscle injuries and my arthritis! CryoFit is my go to for all my aches and pains and gets me moving immediately after! It also gives me great energy for the entire day and I always have the best night sleep that evening! The staff is incredible too!!
    P Heidinger
  • I love Cryofit! I use it regularly as part of my training and recovery.
    Lynn Avery