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New Client Special:

$99 IV Drip

How You Can Benefit From an IV Drip

IV drips deliver essential fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream, allowing for faster absorption and utilization by the cells. This can help restore hydration, replenish vital nutrients, and support overall bodily function. IV drips may also aid in improving immune function, boosting energy levels, and promoting quicker recovery from illness or physical exertion.

Energy booster

Migraine relief

Helps jet lag

Helps hangovers

Helps athletic performance

Faster muscle recovery

First time?

What To Expect

Session duration: approx 30-40 minutes

Step 1: Intake Form

Complete a short itake form.

Step 2: Private Consultation

Our medical staff will visit with you about your needs and goals.

Step 3: IV Formulation

Our medical staff will formulate a custom IV based on what’s best for you.

Step 4:Drip and Relax!

Relax comfortably in our IV Lounge and start feeling better.

It’s your turn

Experience the difference

an IV Drip can make


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